Ref.500 - Sale Italian company that work highest quality leather for major luxury brands with shoes factory, own Brand and shops

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Ref.500 - Sale of Italian company that deals leather highest quality processing for major luxury brands and shoes factory with own Brand and shops

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Ref.500 - Sale of Italian tanning company that deals with leather processing for the major luxury brands of footwear and bags, complete with shoe factory with its own Brand and various shops in the most important Italian and American cities, for a Made in Italy of the highest quality.


Company established on the pillars of a historic Italian Tannery that has always represented the pride of the Italian tanning district; produces high quality calf leather and half calf leather mainly for the leather goods and footwear sectors, using only the highest quality French raw materials and directly addressing the major European and non-European markets.
This company offers its customers high quality leathers combining craftsmanship of the product with the most advanced technologies available.
The high-technology production plants are constantly monitored to improve their performance, while the strong collaborations with the most important chemical companies in the sector allow them to continuously improve the product with a careful vision of environmental needs.
The selection of raw hides, the materials that are used, the entire tanning process carried out internally according to artisan techniques handed down over time by the old French tanning masters, reinterpreted with the use of the best products that the tanning technique makes available today, gives the characteristic skins unique, finishing touches that, while maintaining the natural qualities of the leather, enhance its beauty and fragrance, giving the company a leading position in the sector and giving leather the added value and quality that distinguishes it as "Made in Italy"

Shoe factory:
The company, established more than a century ago and created for the production of military footwear, now produces high-level footwear using the same concepts of the past, always looking for the "Made in Italy" style, entrusting each step to the most complete human attention: a total dexterity that remains over time and that has allowed the company to build a name of reliable reliability over the years.
Over 100 years of history and experience that make footwear a unique product for style and design. Even today the owner of the company guarantees the craftsmanship in the construction, the quality of the materials used, the creativity of an exclusive handmade product, with the same dedication and attention to detail handed down from generation to generation.
The manufactured shoes are born not only from the experience of the best footwear artisans, but above all from the passion for an ancient craft that, despite the continuous stylistic evolution, has become an art form.
The company produces unique shoes, completely "Made in Italy", realized entirely by hand by master shoemakers who dedicate themselves with passion and care every day to the enhancement of the finished product.

All processes are carried out entirely within the company with a maniacal attention to every detail: the design and planning phase of the new models, the choice of natural materials, the exclusive use of high quality leather tanned according to the techniques handed down from the French masters, the special finish made entirely by hand with particular care on natural and precious leathers and creating "nuances" of color with the use of waxes and creams directly on the upper part of the shoes allow to obtain a unique product of its kind. 

Details of the Companies


- Turnover: around € 10,000,000 - 11,000,000 per year
- Annual production: about 180,000 - 200,000 square meters. of very high quality leather
- The company operates with 28 employees on a single shift of 8 hours / day for 220 days / year
- The company is completely in compliance with the laws in force
- Total area: about 10,000 square meters. of which about 5,500 of warehouses
- This company works for the most important and prestigious brands worldwide (names of brands on request)
N.B. the annual turnover, working on three shifts, i.e. 24 hours / day, can be increased up to over 30,000,000 euros

Shoe factory:

- Turnover: around € 5,000,000 a year
- annual production: about 40,000 - 45,000 shoes
- the company operates with 30 employees on a single shift of 8 hours / day for 220 days / year
- Total area: about 1800 square meters. of which around 1,200 square meters. of warehouses, showrooms and company store
- This company has a series of own shops in the most important cities in Italy and stores in America
N.B. the annual turnover, working on three shifts that is 24 hours / day, can be increased up to over 15,000,000 euro.

The owner of these companies would like to retire, but since his sons do not like to follow his activity, he has decided to sell it, even though he has no economic problems and works in full productive and profitable efficiency.

The owner wants to sell everything: tannery and shoe factory, on condition that the companies remain where they are at the moment and are kept operational (N.B. does not want to sell only the machines but the whole activity).

Furthermore he is also available, if the buyer would request it, to remain for a period to be established (6 months a year or even more) so that the buyer has plenty of time to adapt to the new situation, with the help of the actual owner.

N.B. These companies could be very interesting for those who want to invest in their own production "made in Italy" by exploiting the acquired experience and the already existing commercial organization to sell their products anywhere in the world.

The buildings are included in the offer.
The buildings were bought with a financing that is still ongoing.

You can see the VIDEO of the plants at these links:
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- Dropbox (downloadable video):


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