How we operate with second hand machinery:

GI-TEX S.r.l. has always operated with the aim of providing a high quality, personalized service in compliance with the customer's needs.
For this reason the operations of disassembly and reassembly of textile machines, overhaul of textile machines and transformations of textile machines and plants are carried out according to a determined procedure, previously programmed according to the technical-operational needs of the customer:

- disassembling

- reconditioning (if necessary)

- modifications or transformations (if required)

- Transport and shipment (if required)

- Re-assembling, also following a specific previously agreed scheme, which on request can be realized by Gi-tex

- starting up


Thanks to the long experience of the Gianassi family, gained in the various sectors (textile, mechanical and industrial), GI-TEX Srl, in addition to disassembly and reassembly, is also able to offer the turnkey transfer of production plants for the textile and industrial sector, organizing all-round transfer, from the coordination of technical teams to logistics planning, even in the case of exceptional transport.

The transfer is carried out by high skilled staff (mechanics, electricians, plumbers and burner technicians).
Furthermore, on request, our office can make the
projects for the layouts for the positioning of the machine, of the line or of the plant.

Procedure for the transfer of production plants
In order to offer a quality service, the transfer of production plants, lines or departments is performed following the following procedure:

- analysis of customer needs

- individuation of the most suitable product (in case of sale of equipment)

- disassembling of the plant

- reconditioning, also on-site (if required)

- interfacing with the shipping agent

- loading on trucks and containers

- assembling according to the agreed layout (designed by Gi-Tex, if required)

- starting up of the plant

- commissioning